Gifting-back on your birthday

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5 thoughts on “Gifting-back on your birthday

  1. I like it. It reminds me of a “wedding registry” where you go to… (Target is the only store which comes to mind) …walk over to a kiosk, create your wedding profile and then enter in the items that you hope people will buy for you. In theory, you’d then hand out tastefully-written suggestions of where to find that registry.

    Presumably this could be a website registry where you-as-geek go visit, create a profile using your email address, blog name or similar as the lookup and then identify the repository owners with which you’d like to share the love.

    For what it’s worth, for two years running I convinced everyone to do a pay-it-forward version for me for both Christmas and my birthday: just donate the money to charity instead of giving me a gift. Since my favorite charity was this netted: a heifer, a water buffalo, a flock of geese, a beehive and a goat. Additionally, it also netted locally fifty Thanksgiving and fifty Christmas dinners for the needy. Not bad, huh? People actually want to dis-engage from the Christmas-fest shopping thing.


    • @1st paragraph: That is exactly right, the concept is very similar, I have seen many newly wed couples do it and it seems to work out pretty well. Though I haven’t seen it done too often for the support of causes or charities.

      @2nd paragraph: That is way better than anything I had envisioned, unfortunately web design is my Achilles heel, so I though I would just use a Google spreadsheet with the list of projects (and donation links) and share it with friends in Facebook, or something simple around those lines and progressively think of ways to improve the system (i know this is far from ideal) I will probably give it a shot this year. Also there are a couple of good sites that could be used as an alternative where people can contribute in a more interactive manner from one centralized location. (bountysource, snowdrift …etc)

      @3rd paragraph: That is pretty awesome, both for you as well as for your friends/family that donated for good causes, I imagine your friends/family were happy to do it? why did you stop?


      • Hm, well… I stopped because my wife divorced me, stole my life savings and married some guy she’d known from twenty years before that. Lost the house and everything and had to move out of there. It’s still a good idea, though. I can’t fault the generosity as much as it was the original decision to marry her. : shrugs :


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